California Exotic Novelties’ Jack Rabbit Sponsors White Rabbit Black Rabbit

18.03.2015 | Los Angeles, California, USA – California Exotic Novelties’ famous Jack Rabbit is celebrating its bold, new look by sponsoring White Rabbit Black Rabbit—a couture costume party with a quirky rabbit theme. The Social Exposure event takes places at Haus in New York City, March 18th, 2015.

Susan Colvin, President and CEO of California Exotic Novelties, says, “What better way to celebrate the exciting new look of our Jack Rabbit than with a trendy party that has an entire rabbit theme? We’re proud to be a sponsor and hope everyone who attends enjoys the opportunity to meet Jack!”
The all-time best-selling Jack Rabbit Collectionposter features attractive new packaging in shades of flirty pastels. Four easy to identify levels of sophistication—Starter, Intermediate, Advanced and Pro—help women find the Jack Rabbit that suits them perfectly.
California Exotic Novelties is sponsoring the Black Rabbit White Rabbit party in anticipation of the official release of the new look of the Jack Rabbit Collection, which happens next month.
Sally Golan, Founder of Social Exposure, describes the party. “Social Exposure events are renowned for their creativity and imaginative brand integration. Having California Exotic Novelties partner with us for Black Rabbit White Rabbit is a perfect combination. We’re inviting partygoers to come dressed in costume and to participate in our #RunRabbitRun chase happening on Twitter. Follow the hashtag, chose a #WhiteRabbit or #BlackRabbit team, and have a twisted-good time with us!” For more information please visit