California Exotic Novelties Celebrates the Jack Rabbit’s Anniversary

California Exotic Novelties, the global leader of innovation in adult novelties, is celebrating the anniversary of one of the best-selling pleasure products of all-time: the Jack Rabbit. In honor of its success, the Black Label Jack Rabbit Anniversary Edition is now available.

“It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the first Jack Rabbit was born,” says Susan Colvin, President and CEO of California Exotic Novelties, “Since one never wants to reveal their true age, let’s just say the Jack Rabbit originated over 30 years ago. The name came later, but the product would become iconic in the world of pleasure products.”

Two versions are available, one is rechargeable and the other is battery operated. The sleek, black, silicone design is unique and eye-catching. It features three speeds of shaft rotation and vibration. There are also seven different functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation, making the Black Label Jack Rabbit Anniversary Edition feature-packed as well as aesthetically appealing.

“You can find the Original Jack Rabbit in our very first catalog. Through the years it’s gone through many incarnations and recently was declared number one on ETO Magazine’s list of the Top 100 Sex Toys of the Decade,” says Jackie White, Vice President of Sales for California Exotic Novelties. “It is an all-time best-seller that everyone loves.”

The many Jack Rabbit variations include the Impulse Jack Rabbit, My First Jack Rabbit, Platinum Collection Jack Rabbit, Rechargeable Jack Rabbit, Silicone Jack Rabbit, Thrusting Jack Rabbit, Waterproof Jack Rabbit, the First Time Jack Rabbit, and now the new Black Label Jack Rabbit Anniversary Edition.

Al Bloom, Director of Marketing for California Exotic Novelties, says, “Vibrators with animal shapes like rabbits and teddy bears were first introduced because the cute designs made them easier to import and export. Over the years the rabbit style vibes saw increased popularity as public awareness grew. The now-famous episode of Sex and the City, magazine articles, and other media exposure, made the Jack Rabbit and other dual stimulators the most popular type of sex toy ever.”

The Black Label Jack Rabbit Anniversary Editions are available now from California Exotic Novelties. For further information, please visit