Blue Dreams Lovers‘ Dream

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by Doctor Margret SIGN

Sex toys that are flexible enough to be used for both solo pleasure and for enjoyment with a partner are a very strong current trend. The newcouples toy Lovers‘ Dream from Blue Dreams Global Is such as toy, which stands out from the crowd, first and foremost, because of its flexible usage possibilities and practical handling. A total of three motors ensure the simultaneous stimulation of multiple parts of the body. Vibrators for couples can introduce a breath of fresh air and an extra thrill into the erotic side of any relationship, because they can be incorporated practically and easily into every intercourse situation. This is also the case with the Lovers‘ Dream from Blue Dreams, which has recently been released to the European market.


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Carefully developed and technically ingenious

When it comes down to it, the Lovers‘ Dream is not really that “new”, as it has already undergone a long development period, including numerous international certification procedures, in order for them to be able to reach the current product quality. So the new vibrator for couples is certainly technically mature – it has three motors that have been positioned to reach and stimulate different erogenous zones. One of these is right on the tip, which is inserted deep inside the female body; the other two vibration motors are located in the G-spot and clitoris area. Apart from the five basic modes, each of them have three different levels of intensity – Gentle, Medium and Intense. This is a toy that is suitable for stimulating a hard to reach G-spot and a very sensitive clitoris at the same time, by stimulating one zone stronger than the other.

Design for (almost) all situations

Apart from the technical aspects, the design of this product also requires a little attention. With a total length of 13.7 centimetres and an upper swell of six centimetres, and also a thickness of both four and 3.3 centimetres, the Lovers‘ Dream is easy to handle, but large enough to hit the right spots. The toy is made entirely of medical grade, soft and bendy silicone, which adapts softly to the inside of ones body, and because of its certification, there is no need to worry about a thing when in use. But men can also profit from it during love making. The toy makes the woman’s vagina tighter, enclosing the penis more; at the same time he can also benefit from the vibrations, enjoying more lust. The Lovers‘ Dream is also suitable for a number of different sexual positions, whether it is the missionary position, CAT, (reverse) riding position or doggy style, because the pair-shaped bulge, which also positions the couple’s vibrator on the inside, can also be used for anal stimulation alongside clitoral, depending on what you prefer. The rechargeable “toy for two” is also waterproof and available in two very popular colours, Sky Blue and Vivid Purple. All in all, the manufacturer promises the consumer more intimacy and a more intensive connection.
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