Aneros Nominated for 2 Storerotica Awards

02.06.2014 | Houston, Texas, USA – Aneros is nominated for two awards for the 8th Annual Storerotica Awards. Aneros’ elegantly designed prostate massager, Eupho Syn, is nominated for Male Pleasure Product of the Year; the male sexual health innovator’s “Sell Better Sex” campaign is also nominated for Retail Education of the Year.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized for one of our products, as well as our educational outreach,” Aneros CEO CT Schenk said. “We pledge to continue helping people in their quest for better sexual health, and to build and improve on the functionality and innovation of our quality products. To have our efforts recognized by our peers is a huge endorsement to Aneros’ commitment to those goals. Thank you, Storerotica; we are honored to receive these nominations.”
Over the past year, Aneros, along with distributor ECN, helped retailers “Sell Better Sex” by expanding education on the sexual benefits of Aneros’ products. “It’s more than selling a prostate massager or kegel exerciser, states Schenk. “Selling better sex is about selling excitement, knowledge, and orgasms. Men can discover the male G-spot through use of a Eupho Syn, which also triggers multiple prostate orgasms. The same device as well as Aneros’ many prostate massagers, also enhances sexual performance, leaving both members of a couple happy.”

The sleek design of the Eupho Syn adds a silicone sleeve to the original Eupho Classic, with the synergy between the two materials adding a resilient give to the solid inner core. The familiar perianal stimulator ball and handle are replicated in the cutting-edge concept. With its advanced design, and with its small head and thinner stem, the Eupho has more mobility than other Aneros prostate stimulators. The gentle curves and ergonomic design of Eupho allow for gradual buildup of physical sensation. Instead of putting pressure on the entire prostate, Eupho massages different areas, guided by the man’s anal sphincter contractions.
The familiar perianal stimulator ball and handle design still have the same solid inner core, but the addition of silicone gives it a resilient give that connoisseurs of Aneros products will appreciate. Eupho Syn is ideal for men with stronger sphincter muscles, who can control the massaging capabilities through varied contractions. Even the most experienced users of prostate massagers will discover new sensations by exploring their body with Eupho Syn.
Aneros’ prostate massagers are the only medically patented prostate massagers on the market. Prostate massage is an all-natural, preventative measure for erectile dysfunctions (ED), such as premature ejaculation and incontinence. It also relieves prostate complications, which if left untreated can sometimes lead towards or result in prostate cancer.
Aneros maintains a website at, featuring the Aneros Forum, which creates a sex-positive, safe atmosphere for consumers to learn about improving their health and discovering new forms of pleasure.