Anal adventures with TOYJOY Just For You

13.04.2015 | Almere, The Netherlands – Customers of Scala Playhouse now have the chance to go on an anal adventure with TOYJOY Just For You. The ready to order Adventurous Anal Starter Kit is filled with exciting anal toys and gives your end customers the chance to discover their anal preferences.

wk15_JFY0-Anal-Play-logo_400x300The Adventurous Anal Starter Kit from TOYJOY Just For You contains a pleasurable selection of anal toys such as a vibrating and non-vibrating butt plug, an anal stimulator, a prostate stimulator and several sleeves. The included lubricant makes sure your customers’ adventures will go very smoothly.
The naughty starter kit is part of the TOYJOY Just For You gift box range. These boxes are always a great gift, whether you’re treating yourself, a friend or that someone special. The various boxes are filled with tantalizing erotic products that will tease the senses. One can check out the Adventurous Anal Starter Kit, and the other TOYJOY Just For You boxes online at Scala Playhouse via