A taste of winter with System JO

15.10.2015 | Almere, The Netherlands – You can now add a taste of winter to your drugstore assortment with the delicious new System JO Breath Fresh sprays; now ready to order at Scala Playhouse.

The System JO Breath Fresh sprays are simply a must-have for every lover this Christmas-period. The upcoming holiday season isn’t just about family, friends and presents. For some single lovers it’s the perfect time to meet new, exciting contacts at all the office Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve celebrations and other social events. System JO has the perfect accessory to many holiday festivities: the JO Breath Fresh sprays. Just a few sprays will give any end-user a fresh, seductive and alluring breath.
The JO Breath Fresh spray comes in various flavors. Go for a real taste of winter with the lovely Cinnamon edition, or add an extra fresh twist with the unique Cinnamint (cinnamon and mint) or regular Peppermint sprays. The Breath Fresh sprays aren’t the only new items added to the brand’s assortment at Scala Playhouse. They have also added the new JO Hybrid Coconut Lube to our assortment, a natural and organic lubricant based on coconut-oil. Discover the new Breath Fresh sprays and the JO Hybrid Coconut Lube.