A successful show for Baci and Envy

08.05.2015 | Van Nuys, California, USA – Baci Lingerie and Envy Menswear return from an exciting and extremely successful exhibition at the 11th Annual AdultEx Trade Exhibition at the beautiful RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast South Melbourne, Australia.

Backed by regional industry powerhouse Calvista, AdultEx showcases not only the newest in adult sensual products, but comprehensive retail programs presented with the potential to maximize customer engagement. Helle Panzieri, Global Sales Manager for Baci Lingerie and Envy Menswear, said “We pride ourselves on the success of our retailers a sentiment that is shared with the entire Calvista team. This partnership truly made AdultEx a perfect tradeshow stop for enrichment on all levels.”
Baci Lingerie and Envy Menswear presented a live fashion show that drew inspiration from current trends in fashion. Featuring strappy and caged looks, Baci’s latest designs also toy with fantasies of soft bondage play. Supporting the live models was a highly-engaging, on-screen presentation of videos, images and music that truly brought the show to life all of which are available to customers upon request.
“The goal of our presentation was to illustrate how retailers can bring our brand to life in their stores,” Helle added. “By incorporating these types of images and videos into Baci and Envy displays, retailers will engage customers’ senses, capture their attention, and ultimately more sales. Being competitive today means creating destinations within a store, and we want to help retailers achieve that. Overall, I believe our showcase was right on target – and our live ENVY model was the star of the show, hands down!”