A naughty Prince

03.09.2015 | Almere, The Netherlands – On the 15th of September Scala is celebrating the birthday of one of the hottest, most scrumptious and naughtiest royals around: Prince Harry. This mischievous prince might be the fantasy of many; unfortunately he is the reality of very few. But Scala Playhouse stocks an alternative, which is the Prince Charming dong.

wk36_pb_PrinceCharming15cm_400x300Harry, the royal troublemaker from England, has always been one of many people’s favorite princes. And the Scala team knows many women, and men, who share this admiration and would be delighted to give Harry a special birthday present he would never forget. As sharing a birthday present in bed with Prince Harry seems a bit far-fetched, royal lovers can get their hands on the lustful Prince Charming: a flesh-colored, lifelike dong from TOYJOY Classics.
The Prince Charming dong by TOYJOY Classics is made of quality PVC and available in two sizes: 15cm and 20cm length, allowing users to pick their ultimate Prince Charming pleasure. You can give your consumer a chance to salute Harry and celebrate his birthday by indulging themselves in the royal pleasure of the Prince Charming dongs! Customers can discover them today at Scala Playhouse, via www.scalaplayhouse.com.