Kiiroo with Fleshlight

Detailed Product Information

by Doctor Margret SIGN

Separation can be quite a challenge and not only on an emotional level. Also physically, the partner is suddenly so far away. With the help of Cyber and Teledildonics technology, it is possible to overcome separation and the distance between two people, by connecting toys online. One example of this is the Kiiroo with Fleshlight inside. Toys from the Tele- and Cyberdildonics sector are becoming increasingly popular on the market, and are the new innovative products of the industry, because they work, provide the user with enjoyment, and can bring together users via the technology they include. It is a clever combination of a masturbator for men and a vibrator for both sexes, ad the couple’s toy Kiiroo has been especially designed for heterosexual love play from a distance.


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A solo session or as a couple

The big advantage with Kiiroo is its flexibility in use. The two elements that belong to the combination toy, the vibrator Pearl and the lifelike stroker Onyx, can either be used alone or linked online with a partner. The toys can be connected online via a discrete and secure Bluetooth platform. Via this, the real-time touch signals, individual vibration patterns and other haptic signals can be transmitted, so that the connected partners can continuously surprise each other with new thrills, by simply touching the toy. For this purpose there are standard set patterns and individual ones that can be stored.

Lifelike materials, intuitive controls

The Kiiroo toy duo has been designed to make sex from a distance as authentic as possible. With the Onyx, it is the inner structure of rings that can be controlled via Bluetooth to capture all of the movements of the partner’s toy Pearl, synchronise them and emulate them, whilst both parties communicate via video chat. An even more authentic feel is created by a sleeve on the inside of the masturbator from Fleshlight, which is already well known from the lifelike designed Fleshlight Girls and other vagina, anus and mouth imitations made from the SuperSkin material. The sleeve can be removed and washed separately, which makes the Onyx simple to clean, which is an added bonus next to the slim, ergonomic and discreet design. Integrated into the toy, but usable separately, is the matching vibrator Pearl for women. As is the case with its “partner“ Onyx, it has a cordless Bluetooth connection, is ergonomically shaped and mainly transmits the signals of the other unit in real-time. The Pearl can be individually controlled with only one button, and allows the female to maintain the control of when and where she wishes to enjoy this type of cybersex with her partner. The tender silicone, of which the curved G-spot vibrator is made, offers even more comfort during use. All in all, the Kiiroo with Fleshlight is a toy that stands out through its design, functionality and connection technology.