Zolo and Wet new to assortment

Amsterdam – Mister B adds Zolo to its collection, the latest brand of innovative male stimulators. Mister B endeavours to provide high quality products and an extensive range to its customers.

Zolo is a brand catering to the modern man with a wide assortment of stimulating devices to satisfy all of his wild desires. Zolo’s adventure began with a research team consisting of 4 males who wanted to recreate the textural experience of intercourse. Zolo understands that men are looking for variety and options for solo play. What evolved is the real-feel pleasure system consisting of Zolo Male Stimulator Cups and the Zolo Pocket Pool collection. ZoloPocketPoster

The Zolo Male Stimulator Cups collection consists of seven unique textures and sensations called Original, The Girlfriend, Personal Trainer, Deep Throat, Backdoor, Fire and Glide. The Zolo Pocket Pool collection consists of 6 different textures, the Rack’Em, Susie Cue, Straight Shooter, 8-Ball, Corner Pocket and Sure Shot, inspired by billiard. The Zolo Pocket Pool collection will also be available in a Fishbowl display for your shop including 4 pieces per texture or a 6-Pack  encased in a billiards rack including one of every texture.

Facts about the Zolo Male Stimulator Cups:

– Made From 100% Body-Safe/ Phalate-Free materials.
– Each Zolo Cup is pre-lubricated w/ Zolo Motion Lotion.
– Two Zolo Cups offer special types of lubricant (Glide- Silicone, Fire- Warming (Water based)).
– Each Zolo Cup features its own unique inner-texture, making each experience uniquely pleasurable.
– Each unique texture can be seen on the side of the packaging.
– All Zolo Cups feature an “Air Control Hole” which allows the user personally adjust the level of suction.
– Created by researching how texture relates to sexual pleasure.
– Zolo Cups are meant for one time use.
– Overall design and quality surpass similar products in the adult marketplace.

Facts about the Zolo Pocket Pool Balls:
– Made From 100% Body-Safe/ Phalate-Free materials
– Built for easy, discreet and powerful pleasure.
– Each Zolo Pocket Pool Ball is uniquely textured for your preference of pleasure.
– All Zolo Pocket Pool Balls come with a packet of Zolo Motion Lotion.
– Zolo Pocket Pool Balls are re-usable, allowing for cleansing and drying of the product.
– The textures of each Zolo Pocket Pool Ball are represented on the outer packaging.
– Zolo Pocket Pool Balls can be used for men as a stroker, for women to add texture to an existing toy, or by couples as a textured surface for intimate contact.

More info about the Zolo collection: http://youtu.be/AAl6SaKI7LQ

For wholesale information on Zolo products contact wholesale@misterb.com


Above that Mister B introduces Wet to its extensive lube collection. The wholesaler is well known for its wide selection of lubes and has now added a vast array of lubes by Wet.

Mister B can consider itself a specialist when it comes to lubes. With the introduction of Wet Mister B believes to add a great alternative to certain lubes on the market and to complement the collection on other areas. It concerns Wet Original, Wet Platinum, Wet Synergy hybrid, Wet Uranus H2O and Silicone and Wet Ecstasy H2O and silicone.

Wet is well known for its line of high-quality, innovative and unique products formulated using only the finest ingredients. “Their motto is Stays Wet Longer and and we support this wholeheartedly” – says Nelson Sousa da Cunha of Mister B.

For more information on Wet or for pre-orders please contact wholesale@misterb.com