XR Brands Sparks New Trend in Mouth Gags With 4 Premium Silicone Styles

09.04.2014 | Huntington Beach, California, USA – XR Brands has introduced four new gag designs to its top-selling Master Series fetish brand, each featuring silicone and steel construction for a superior experience. Each style is fitted with bullnose clamps connected by steel chains, making it easy to raise the sensual stakes with the titillating intensity of nipple play.

Available in four styles, including a breathable silicone ball and equestrian-inspired silicone bit, Master Series’ new mouth gags give shoppers higher-quality choices when exploring and enjoying the fetish lifestyle. “We’ve seen an increase in interest of various versions of mouth gags, so we set to work to create a fully branded collection for Master Series using premium materials,” XR Brands General Manager Randy Alvstad said. “Gags are commonly made using rubber, which can give off an unpleasant odor and sticky texture in the mouth, so it was a natural decision to use premium silicone. Our designers understand the lifestyle, which translates quite nicely into the final products, and is one of the reasons why Master Series is retailers’ No. 1 source for high-quality and fully merchandised fetish accessories.”
“Master Series makes it easy for retailers of all kinds to introduce and stock up on fetish and BDSM gear, and our customers love how the compact and sophisticated packaging looks on display,” XR Brands Brand Manager Michael Merrill said. “Members of the lifestyle trust Master Series for its quality and affordability, while retailers appreciate its sleek merchandising and consumer appeal. Master Series is the industry’s must-have brand in the BDSM category.” For more information about Master Series, please visit www.themaster-series.com.