XR Brands: rise in sales

28.07.2015 | Huntington Beach, California, USA – XR Brands has seen a sales surge following the recent debut of its latest high-tech sex toys and accessories. The company has inspired a new focus on innovative technology with automatic strokers, high-powered prostate toys, electro-stimulation accessories, and a unique twist on G-spot massage that has caught the eyes of retailers worldwide.


The Lovebotz line of sex machines has set a new trend in the automatic stroker category with two new SKUs that offer next-level stroking sensations with multifunction technology. With demand surging for new and innovative electric strokers, Lovebotz offers retailers a variety of hands-free, cordless and powerful options that cater to men with high-tech tastes. Zeus Electrosex has expanded with unique e-stim accessories that cater to fans of C&B play. New to the line is the Power Cage silicone cock-and-ball sheath with e-stim capabilities and the Electro Lockdown chastity cage with conductive silicone pads running along the sides of the shaft.
Deluxe Master-Bot_LOWThe Prostatic Play collection from top-selling Master Series has introduced a quality and cohesively merchandised line of prostate massagers and stimulators for more advanced users. With SKUs featuring more ergonomic curves, powerful erection enhancement, and 100% body-safe materials, And for women seeking innovation in the sea of G-spot sex toys is the Inmi Fiori, a vibrating and gyrating silicone wand with a double end for twice the pleasure. One end features a smooth, rounded head with 10 modes of gyration and the other end boasts a ridged wand that vibrates all the way to the tip.
“XR Brands is known for developing products in categories that other companies haven’t yet touched and we quickly noticed a need for innovation in the high-tech realm,” XR Brands Director of Sales Rebecca Weinberg said. “These new designs feature functional technology incorporated into proven popular shapes and designs to give men and women a more modern alternative to what’s already on store shelves. And the response has been phenomenal; retailers are quickly placing orders and we look forward to working with each customer to help them expand their high-tech sex toy inventory.”