XR Brands Debuts Zeus Electrosex ‘Electro Couples Kit’

01.05.2014 | Huntington Beach, California, USA – XR Brands makes it easy for couples to create sparks in the bedroom with the Zeus Electrosex brand Mingle Electro Couples Kit, an all-in-one system that safely stimulates using electricity. Featuring a power unit, probe and two bi-polar erection rings, the Mingle Electro Couples Kit includes everything couples need to introduce electrostimulation into the bedroom and explore brand new ways to play.



“We created the Mingle Electro Couples Kit to expand our Zeus Electrosex range to include even more SKUs that welcome new and curious couples,” XR Brands General Manager Randy Alvstad said. “The Mingle Electro Couples Kit includes silicone conductive sex toys – an insertable for internal sensations and two sizes of erection rings – that can arouse and stimulate to orgasm completely hands free. And the power box makes it easy to customize the intensity so it can feel as subtle or as intense as desired. Electrostimulation is something couples need to feel for themselves to truly understand its pleasure power.” ad705-bulk-group_750x596

A growing trend among men and women around the world, electrostimulation has sparked the curiosity of couples excited to experience its intensely erotic sensations. Once reserved for kinkier categories, electrostimulation has become a popular alternative to traditional vibrating massage and offers a pleasant tingle that many prefer. The Mingle Electro Couples Kit features body-safe conductive silicone and high-quality connectors for a top-of-the-line intro kit that couples can enjoy together.

To place an order, contact your preferred sales representative, for more information about Zeus Electrosex and XR Brands, visit http://www.xrbrands.com/.