Xmas Edition Scala Fair in November

Scala Playhouse are organising a special Christmas edition of their bi-annual tradeshow to give their clients the opportunity to stock up before the festive season with a special fair discount on the entire collection. The expansion of the Pipedream collection, with 250 new items, resulted in the company to organise a third edition of the Scala Fair on 22nd November 2012.

The success formula of the cash & carry during the September show, and the high demand of discount items, is another reason why the company decided to invite their customers to come back to Almere. Visitors to this special edition will get a fair discount of 10% on the entire Scala collection, whilst enjoying drinks and snacks in the special prepared restaurant. The day will be concluded with a party, presented by Holland’s number 1 party host Stan van den Dobbelsteen.

“There are so many new and exciting items to show our customers, it would be a loss if we wait to share this until March 2013,” Said Serge van der Hooft (CEO of Scala). “Our customers get the most traffic in-store and online during the festive season and we would like them to benefit from some great deals that we managed to make in the last few months. It is going to be one big party in Almere on 22nd November, don’t miss it!”

For more information about this special trade show day, please contact your sales representative (tel: +31 36 521 9000).