Xgen Products shipping full collection of Bodywands

09.02.2015 | Horsham, USA –Xgen Products announced the availability of the latest addition to the Bodywand family of personal massage wands.

The all new model completes a sub-collection of multifunction wands that boast an array of amazing technology. The newest model, an A/C powered plug-in version, joins 2 other multifunction options; the battery-powered, submersible “Aqua,” and a USB rechargeable wand. “When we introduced what has become the bestselling Aqua, it was evident that offering a complete selection of multifunction wands with advanced features was the way to go,” explains Xgen President Andy Green. “Each of these multifunction wands are sleek, easy to use, and deceptively powerful, feature medical grade silicone, and 64 combined function and speed settings.”
The latest plug-in model features A/C plug-in power for uninterrupted use, a motor that generates over 10,000 RPM and an extra-long 9-foot power cord. Like the other multifunction units, the new plug-in version has been subjected to extensive testing, and bears a host of domestic and international safety standard certifications. All of the Bodywand personal massagers include signature features like soft, bulb-shaped heads, high quality composition, flexible necks, whisper-quiet vibration, and powerful, variable speed combinations.To learn more, please visit www.xgenproducts.com.