WOW Tech travels to new shores


25.09.2018 | Berlin, Germany – Visitors of the eroFame can join Womanizer for their exclusive launch of their newest product on Thursday, October 4th at 2 pm, booth 166, and be the first to get to know the brand-new member of the WOW Tech portfolio: The Liberty.

Further dates for a Tête-à-Tête with WOW Tech – where interested attendees will receive unique insights into the Womanizer TM and We-Vibe Portfolio – are:

October 3rd: 11 am + 2 pm + 4 pm

October4th: 11 am + 4 pm

October 5th: 11 am + 2 pm

Duration: 15 minutes

Booth 166


Attractions, Amusement and Aperol –

It´s time to get to (after) work!

October 3rd: 6 pm

October 4th: 6 pm

Booth 166