womanizer +size – the XL pleasure-giving lover

02.02.2017 | Flensburg, Germany – It has already been presented at the eroFame and is finally available: the womanizer +size. Its new, longer and flatter shape and larger buttons make it extremely easy to use. The golden details on the very shiny, white surface and around the womanizer add the final touch to the beautiful design. The other side of the womanizer is black and velvety soft.
Just like all the previous womanizer models, the womanizer +size´s Pleasure Air Technol01_plussize_lieferumfang_großogy makes contactless stimulation of the clitoris possible. The ten intensity levels, for the contactless stimulation of the clitoris, can be adjusted at the push of a button.
Tip: using a bit of water-based lubricant when using the womanizer for specific clitoris stimulation will help it “move” more easily, which means that women will experience more amazing and more intense orgasms! You can find more information at www.womanizer-wholesale.com.