We-Vibe’s We-Connect app provides an intimate and continuous connection


06.01.2019 | Berlin, Germany – Five years ago, We-Vibe® launched the We-Connect™ app by announcing, “Step over sexting and fallback phone sex—maintaining “the spark” just got a whole lot more explosive.” We-Vibe is proud to have delivered on that promise with the most used app in the industry.

Since the launch, We-Connect has been used more than 15-million times by couples all over the world. Since then, consumers have been downloading We-Connect every day, and the app is a customer favourite We-Vibe feature. As a couples’ brand, it made sense that We-Vibe uses smart technology to connect couples to help them feel closer together. When creating the app, We-Vibe strived to meet and exceed customer needs. To optimise its functionality, the brand talked to consumers to find out what they loved about the app and what improvements they’d like. The favourite features of We-Connect include connecting to one’s partner over long-distance and the ability to visualise and control the products by either adjusting the mode and intensity or controlling single motors in dual-motor products.

We-Connect 4.0 

With the release of We-Connect 4.0, We-Vibe focuses on creating an inclusive, more intuitive look and feel to the app. The new visual design brings a non-gendered dark mode to the app that is welcoming to all. Intuitive control means simply tapping or using natural gestures anywhere on the screen to control the toy, while the new full-screen, in-app video chat creates more intimate moments with the partner. A simplified menu puts the toy in focus, while new guiding tips make navigating features easy. We-Vibe also reviewed and adjusted the language used in the app to make it more inclusive and gender-neutral. We-Vibe continuously adds more app-connected products with new features and upgrades to its portfolio. An important consideration was enhancing security and privacy features to make We-Connect the most secure app in the industry. The latest products using We-Connect technology are Wand by We-Vibe™ and We-Vibe® Chorus™.

The evolution of Wand CMYK_Wand_heroshot_whitbg_190808

Wand by We-Vibe is an ultra-powerful, innovative premium pleasure product — for a next-level couples experience. It was created to be the perfect fit for use together or on your own, with an ergonomic shape, flexible head and playful attachments that give a range of sensations to explore. The noteworthy one-touch control acts like a dimmer switch, giving users seamless intensity control. Smart Silence™ senses when Wand’s head is close to the skin, turning the vibrations on when touching the skin, and off when taken away giving couples the opportunity to play without distractions. Wand connects to the We-Connect app to allow couples to play together even when they’re apart.

The most intuitive toy CHORUS

We-Vibe’s new flagship couples’ vibrator, We-Vibe Chorus, showcases the latest in sex-tech to kick-off the new decade. It is the latest app-controlled product with two very unique features: Touch Sense and a Squeeze Remote. A first in responsive technology, Chorus features unique touch-sensitive receptors that allow body movements to control the vibrations. When paired with the We-Connect app, Touch-sense offers three different modes for the best pleasure experience. When skin touches or moves against the sensor, the vibration changes, creating a natural rise and fall that leads to epic adventures together. Chorus Squeeze Remote is designed for the most human response for a closer, more sensual experience. The tighter the squeeze, the stronger the vibration gets. Reducing the grip reduces the vibration. The Squeeze Remote was developed based on natural, human behaviour, and it reacts to the squeeze of a hand.