Vespoli’s ‘Devious Daddies & Daughters’

13.08.2015 | Los Angeles, California, USA – Porn fans lusting for the secret thrill of XXX incest, beware: Dana Vespoli’s newest video hits close to home.

The depraved director has found a growing audience for content catering to porn’s “taboo relations” niche, and her latest entry goes to psychosexual extremes. “Devious Daddies & Daughters” depicts sociopathic guardians and the badass stepdaughters in their charge. Vespoli compares “Devious Daddies & Daughters” to previous “taboo faux incest stories” she’s created: “Unlike ‘My Evil Stepson’ and ‘My Evil Stepmom Fucked My Ass,’ where the dynamic is more ‘predator and prey,’ the stepdads and stepdaughters in ‘Devious’ are complicit in being bad.
Sometimes the dad initiates and sometimes the daughter does. I enjoy the psychological aspects of seduction and sex, and observing how the characters rationalize and justify their relationship. Taboo relations videos are the rage, and Dana’s are outrageous,” says Evil Angel Domestic Sales Manager Justin Rich. “Every one she does sells more than the last one, so we’re excited to see how far ‘Devious Daddies & Daughters’ can go.”