Upsell with TOYJOY lubricant

11.11.2015 | Almere, The Netherlands – Boost your turnover with the TOYJOY Drugstore lubricants; designed specially to upsell to consumer’s TOYJOY purchase. Order this collection of best-sellers today at Scala Playhouse and don’t let this chance slip away.

With the wk45_pb_Drugstore_400x300success of the luxurious lubricant by TOYJOY Designer Edition, it was time to create an extra collection that matches other TOYJOY collections. TOYJOY Drugstore’s clean and fun design matches effortlessly with several TOYJOY lines to create an appealing presentation in your store, such as TOYJOY Classics, TOYJOY Funky and TOYJOY Just For You.
The lubricants of TOYJOY Drugstore are a collection of four packages; a water-based lubricant (available in 100ml and 200ml), a warming water-based lubricant (100ml), and a silicone lubricant. Display your TOYJOY items together in your store with the lubricants to stimulate an active combination purchase. Or offer the TOYJOY lubricants online as an extra suggestion for a matching purchase.
With a narrow collection of four best-selling products in this lubricants range, a higher turnover from upselling is easily within reach of your cash register, without taking too much space in your store.
Discover the new additions of these TOYJOY Drugstore items today at Scala Playhouse online via