Travel-ready seduction in a tin

15.07.2015 | Almere, The Netherlands – New and ready to order in the Shunga assortment at Scala Playhouse: the beautiful Shunga Massage Candles in travel-ready 30ml tins. These alluring candles come in a variety of oriental, seductive scents such as Green Tea and Exotic Fruit.

wk28_pb_shunga_400x300The Shunga Massage Candles are the perfect choice for lovers who are looking for some portable pleasure. Due to their compact size, these tins are travel-ready and make a great addition to any weekend away or a romantic break with a lover. Scala Playhouse now offers the new Shunga Massage Candles in packages of six tins.
If you are interested in adding all the fragrances to your assortment; Scala Playhouse also stocks a beautiful counter display containing four tins of each aroma; Rose Petals, Vanilla, Exotic Fruits, Sparkling Strawberry Wine, Intoxicating Chocolate and Green Tea. You can now discover the Shunga Massage Candles and the rest of the Shunga assortment online at