Tied with a bow

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11.12.2017 | Los Angeles, USA – Bondage gifts make for great holiday sex, because they are so unexpected, so thrilling, and so far removed from the sterile safety that normally comes with year-end consumerism. Bondage gifts are raw and exciting and anything but normal. When you give someone a gift like that, you aren’t just saying “Here’s a gift. I hope you like it.” You’re saying “I want you. And I’m going to have you. We’re going to have each other.”

The holidays are about bringing people closer together. Well, sex is pretty great at doing just that, and bondage gifts will help couples become closer, improving and heightening their sex all year. Bondage is a mutual exchange of trust. I trust you’ll treat me right. I trust you will be honest with me. I trust we can have a conversation about desire, fantasies, and limits. I trust I can open myself up to you. That’s what bondage really is. It’s about opening yourself up not just to experience, but to your partner. There is a mutual beauty in allowing yourself to be vulnerable, both physically and emotionally. It’s eSuperSexSling_V12_UVxciting to be blindfolded, and an honor to be entrusted with that responsibility.

Your first bondage gifts don’t have to be a full gimp suit complete with a ball stretcher (partly because those two don’t go together that well). You can, and most likely should, start slowly. Remember: it is about mutual communication. If you’re just getting started, ease into it (so to speak) with these from Sportsheets: Sweet Punishment Kit, Nipple clamps and Leash and Collar.

You’ve had clamped nipples and some swats at sensitive areas. You’re ready to move forward. So what’s next? Remembering that you can combine any and all of these, here are some next-level bondage toys: Leather Paddle, Door Jam Cuffs and The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer.

You’ve tried a lot of the toys. Now you’re ready for a full-on bondage experience. Here are a few ways to play: The Sportsheet, Golden Opportunities and Hogtie.