The Screaming O debuts Ring’O XL Extra-large Erection Ring

19.03.2014 | Los Angeles, California, USA – The Screaming O is proud to introduce the highly anticipated RingO XL, a stretchy erection ring featuring a bigger size for a better fit. Boasting the same intimate enhancement strength as the best-selling RingO’s, the RingO XL accommodates his entire package for harder erections with less constriction.

Following immense consumer demand, The Screaming O developed a simple erection ring with a wider diameter and no vibration to give men a subtle boost below the belt without the intense restriction of traditional cock rings. Made of super-stretchy SEBS, the RingO XL stretches to fit men of most sizes – especially the abundantly endowed – and gives a pleasantly “full” look to any package under clothing or in the nude.
“The Screaming O is known for listening to our customers, and that’s precisely what we did with the RingO XL,” The Screaming O representative Conde Aumann said. “Our RingO’s fly off the shelves thanks to their simple design – no vibration, no activation, just a good old-fashioned cock ring – which helps male consumers noticeably enhance their nether regions even when wearing clothing! And now with a slightly larger shape, the RingO XL can be enjoyed by men of a girthier build who are looking for a subtle boost in the bedroom.”
The RingO XL features a generous 29mm diameter – 10mm larger than the original RingO’s – and can help men stay harder longer with fuller erections and more intense and powerful orgasms. Known to help prevent premature ejaculation, the RingO erection ring family gives couples affordable and easy-to-use solutions to common intimacy issues. The RingO XL is reusable and waterproof and available in POP boxes and 36-count candy bowls for easy counter-top display – perfect for impulse and add-on sales. For more information about The Screaming O, please visit