The Screaming O announces launch of Sex Secretary app

02.04.2014 | Los Angeles, California, USA – The Screaming O is proud to announce the launch of Sex Secretary, a mobile app designed by a team of engineers, two gurus and one MIT dropout designed to measure a user’s intimate energy levels. Inspired by a recent spirit journey undertaken by The Screaming O founder and CEO Justin Ross, Sex Secretary arouses men’s and women’s sexual consciousness to promote mindfulness, joy and pleasure through the power of orgasm.



Targeting the root chakra – a tantric sexual energy point in the body located near where most men and women carry their cellphones – Sex Secretary detects users’ orgasmic frequencies and sends a convenient and conspicuous alert when they dip to a particular level. This facilitates intimate awareness while also eliminating the need to schedule sex around busy daily life, making sexual pleasure a priority for all.


“Keeping energy flowing freely through our ‘roots’ is vital to maintaining a satisfied and balanced life, and I feel it’s a social responsibility to spread this message through The Screaming O,” Ross said. “Men, women and couples look to The Screaming O for fun-to-try and easy-to-use intimacy-builders, and now it’s time to give them a simple tool to enhance their sex lives in a new way. This app took months to develop but once we put together the right team, we were able to create a technology that knows you need sex even before you do. And because finding time for sex can be difficult in this day and age, this app even can act as your personal sex secretary – hence the name.”


Sex Secretary’s convenient alerts can be set to three volumes: deafening, noisy and irritating* and is expected to be the nation’s No. 1 choice for high-tech sex life maintenance.


Available anywhere apps banned by Apple can be found, Sex Secretary can be downloaded for the low price of $39.99 and is compatible with most mobile devices, except flat rectangular ones. Be sure to check your mobile carrier to see what shape your mobile device is before purchasing.


*Sex Secretary is not recommended for use during yoga classes, at the library, or having dinner with parents. Must be 18+ years of age to purchase.


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