The rabbit and the bullet

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05.10.2018 | Northamptonshire, England – Night Wish, Day Dream and Halcyon Daze are the spectacular 90 millimeter ten function bullets from the Dr.

Rocco collection that sit within the range and they also power some of the products. They feature the hallmark design of steampunk complete with clockwork cogs intermingled with nautical tentacles and dragonflies which are visually stunning against deep copper, gold and silver metallics.

The elegant but supremely powerful Every-girl and Chaiamo are to be released for Ero-Fame. Made from sensory velvet touch body safe silicone both products are styled to perfection, USB magnetic re-chargeable and created with all women in mind.

Every girl is a seductively beautiful and elegantly streamlined rabbit expertly created to fulfil and delight every- girls’ desires. The exquisite design and velvet touch silicone encases the powerful dual independent ten function motors that drive the precision blended vibrations to the shaft and clitoral stimulator.

Every-Girl has been designed to deliver ultimate satisfaction with each pulsing colour of its beating heart and we know that this is a Rabbit that everyone is going to fall in love with

Chaiamo is elegant, highly powerful and crafted to absolute perfection and designed to literally drive ladies to the ultimate climax.

The product’s ten function motor is set to send deep, strong and sensual vibrations throughout the body whilst it targets the pleasure zones with intense vibrations. Dr Rocco Pleasue Emporium believes this is one of the most powerful vibrators to be available in the market today.

Both Chaiamo and Every-Girl will provide up to three hours of pleasure when fully charged and are available in Black, Burgundy and Teal.