The hot, new September issue of Sign Germany


14.09.2017 | Delmenhorst, Germany – The hot, new September issue of Sign Germany can now be viewed online and brings on the latest news from the industry. Now it’s time for the exciting autumn exhibition season and manufacturers will present their brand-new products at the eroFame. Sign Magazine have been told what they will be bringing along.

EDC for example has developed a new house brand, which we will present in this issue. pjur will launch the SPA ScenTouch line, which is a selection of fragrant massage lotions without oil, silicone, fats or water. Satisfyer will present the Satisfyer MEN, which will be launched exclusive at this year’s eroFame. SCALA not only has new toys on offer, but also a new owner to boot. The international wholesaler has split from the Beate Uhse Group, and the company is now being led by Walter Kreis and Trudy Pijnacker.

Apart from this, you can also catch up on the latest news from Rocks-Off, MVW Schmitt, Eropartner, VPS Film, VENUS, BONQUE and many more, in this new edition of Sign Magazine. Finally we would like to wish you a good business month of September. You can view the new issue here (after login).