The hot, new December issue of Sign Germany


15.12.2017 | Delmenhorst, Germany – The Christmas holidays are slowly but surely drawing closer and the people want to make a contribution to a better world. That’s what the CPR GmbH does. With their vegan and fair products they contribute to a strong sense of sustainability. Although the manufacturers are already in full swing for Valentine’s Day. Orion Wholesale has the right sex toys on offer.

In order for all of these toys to be able to provide the highest levels of pleasure during a night of passion, they can be used with lubricants, such as those from pjur, Wet or Hot. These and other companies also ensure that the sex toys are kept perfectly clean after use, and Sign presents a selection of such products in a toy cleaner report.

Patrick was on Tour in Spain this November. There he visited Fleshlight International in Sevilla and saw the production of the famous masturbators. Apart from this, you can also catch up on the latest news from Mystim, Fun Factory, VPS Film, Intt, Rianne S, Satisfyer, EDC Wholesale and many more, in this new edition of Sign Magazine. Finally we would like to wish you a good business month of December. You can view the new issue here (after login).