ThaiFest – 2015 starts on Jan 22nd

09.12.2014 | Moscow, Russia/Bangkok, Thailand – ThaiFest-2015 enters the final straight of its preparations. Time moves forward inexorably and a little more than a month left for the 3rd International Novelty Festival – ThaiFest-2015 to officially open. The number of manufacturers and suppliers of the adult products increases and the sponsorship list will soon be closed.

ThaiFest Novelty Festival is set to run January 22-31, at The Regent Chaam Beach Resort, Khua Khin resort in the Kingdom of Thailand. ThaiFest brings together novelty manufacturers and distributors interested in working in the growing Russian sex toy market to exchange the information about trends and sales techniques. Executives of manufacturing companies, chain retailers, stores, service companies and the media will be in attendance.
Leonid Fishman, president of ThaiFest said: “No other show in the history of our industry can provide such wide opportunities for the manufacturers of the adult products to firstly present them to the real businesses, to carry sales trainings and to receive the invaluable feedback right “from the street”, that is from people who work with the ultimate consumers. During several days in fabulous surroundings they can communicate with them about details. For the Russian retailers ThaiFest gives the opportunity to see the presentation and to receive trainings from the world leading specialists and to ask all sorts of questions.”
“This year we improved the format of the event”, – said Vitaly Moroz, vice president of ThaiFest. He added, “We increase the number of business days to make the presentation of manufacturers even more efficient. The percentage of the new participants was also increased. Thus, this time there will be 40% of new retailers that work not only with us but with other distributors as well. ThaiFest-2015 will cover the whole Russian market.”
Sponsors to date include: Topco Sales, Doc Johnson, MD Science Lab., LLC (Swiss Navy), Svakom (USA), Eau Zone Huiles & Fragrances Ltee (Shunga) (Canada), DanaLife (Denmark) Liaoyang Baile Health Care Co., Ltd. (China), Kokos Co. (South Korea), Mystim GmbH, Orion Versand GmbH & Co. KG, (Germany), Anais Apparel (Poland), Libertybelle Marketing Ltd T/A Nexus (Great Britain), MiF, SK Vizit, Rosparfum (Russia).
The first two ThaiFests evoked wide ThaiFest2015_HR_0dayresponse among the adult industry representatives, was covered in media of different countries and social networks and was admitted the most innovative and effective project of the Russian industry.
Hannah Lin from Topco Sales and David Yu from Svakom who took part at the previous ThaiFest are excited to attend it again.
Hannah Lin from Topco Sales said: “It was not just about the business. It was bringing everybody into this big happy FAMILY, which is exactly this industry’s spirit about. The atmosphere is excellent, and way better than I expected. In general, it was an amazing and successful event. I can see this growing bigger and more successful in the near future. Thanks for inviting us, I really enjoyed it, see you next year!”
David Yu from Svakom said: I would like to thank you very much for a well thought out and planned show. Svakom was very pleased with the results. We really thought the time that everyone got to spend together outside of the business hours do games and events together was very unique and helped us bond relations while having fun. We can’t wait to come next year!!
Frank Kok from Mystim takes part at ThaiFest for the first time. He says: “Mystim is very excited to attend this year’s ThaiFest. As a German based leading manufacturer of both electro-sex and regular products we look forward to present our innovative, award winning and high end products to share our success with you. We will support the retailers with our successful explanatory videos and NEW flyers in the Russian language to make sure this upcoming event will be a great success for the retailers, Mystim and our valued partners from Russia.”
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