Svakom products landed at Planet Earth Wholesale

20.01.2015 | Wakefield, UK – Planet Earth has announced its eagerly awaited new range of technologically advanced vibrators are now in stock and ready for dispatch. The full range includes nine uniquely styled and innovative vibrators each of which has been designed to have its own unique identity.

Following an announcement SimmeEye_2before Christmas, Planet Earth has broken pre-order records for their exclusive Svakom brand and expects demand to continue throughout the year. Key products in the range include the Siime Eye, a six speed vibrator with built-in high definition camera to capture the most intimate moments of pleasure. Featuring a light for improved visibility and Wi-Fi connectivity, the Siime Eye can broadcast crystal clear images up to 30m away that can be viewed on a computer or a mobile phone. 100% waterproof the Siime Eye can be taken almost anywhere and thanks to its super fast USB recharging it is ideal for spur-of-the-moment fun.
Other items in the line which have caught customer’s imaginations include the Lester, a self-heating 8-mode vibrator that warms up to 40 degrees. Not only does the Lester feature a clitoral and an internal stimulating shaft, it has 8 modes of function and can last up to an amazing 48 hours on a single 2.5 hour charge.
SvakomLester_1Both of these devices are must have items prior to Valentine’s Day, which is expected to cause a surge in orders of adult products partly due to the release of the eagerly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie.
Speaking about the Svakom range, Louise Boote, Managing Director of Planet Earth, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the fantastic reception the Svakom range has gained since we launched our pre-Christmas press release. We were inundated with emails and pre-orders, just showing how well the UK adult market responds to innovation.
“It’s clear every adult shop would benefit by taking these products and getting them online ASAP so that they enjoy the fruits of what is sure to be an unprecedented first and second quarter of adult sales due to the impending hype surrounding the Fifty Shades of Grey movie launch.”