Subsequent correction of Product Review in Sign EU June 2013

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we profoundly apologize for a wrong information we gave you in our current issue of Sign Europe Magazine, Number 06/2013. In our Product Review of Planet Earth products on Page 40 unfortunately one of the reviews is having a wrong headline and product name. The name of the product on the lower right part of the page is “Ultimate Lube” and this should also be the title of the review.

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Planet Earth

Products of the month

Poetical: Pink Daisy

The wholesaler Planet Earth meanwhile sells a large selection of sex toys, but the company started out successfully selling food supplements. One classic product that one can not imagine the assortment of this British company without is the “Pink Daisy”. This completely natural skin lightening cream has been designed specifically for sensitive, intimate areas but can also be used all over the body including areas like the penis, anus, vagina and nipples. It gradually lightens the skin with noticeable results in just a couple of weeks. The pump dispenser bottle with 30ml contents comes in a noble matt black box with shinny decoration to attract customers. The light pink coloured cream has a soft formulation. It is free from ingredients like hydroquinone and kojic acid, both of which are often present in skin lightening products and can often cause irritation. Instead, “Pink Daisy” only contains natural ingredients.

Pink Daisy_Sept 12


Potent: Ultimate – P3

A healthy and balanced body is required for an active sex life. In order to help men to obtain this condition there is now “Ultimate P3“. These pills are of course no replacement for healthy eating, but the three-in-one formulation helps the male sexual virility when needed it. The capsules should be taken regularly twice a day, in order to achieve the best results. Some men will notice instant results, whereas others will take a couple of weeks – however the overall results include improved erection quality, increased sexual stamina and the ability to recover quickly after sex, enabling the man to become aroused again in a much shorter space of time. It is all down to a specially selected combination of natural ingredients, which are EU compliant. These include Guarana, Ginkgo, Fruit extract and plenty of vitamin B, which is great for the orgasm. One pack contains 60 capsules.

p3 local shots4


Pulsating: Ultimate – X

Quick help for a weak libido is promised by the new “Ultimate X“ capsules. In every pack you will find four of the rapid-acting erection boosters, which can be taken when needed. No more then two are recommended daily. The work in just 45 minutes and help its user to achieve a stronger and better quality erection. It can also be used with alcohol, unlike similar pharmaceutical products. As well as this, “Ultimate X” is and alternative for men who don’t want to or cannot take the pharmaceutical sexual enhancers that are available on the market. The compound works instead with a range of totally natural herbal ingredients known for their aphrodisiac qualities, and which are EU compliant, and which result in improving the flow of blood in the Penis so that the smooth muscles of the corpus cavernosum can work more efficiently and store blood better for an improved erection.

Ultimate x3_print


Perfect: Ultimate Lube

The 60 millilitre tube of “Ultimate Lube“ is as turquoise as the soft waters of a south sea island. Before using this water-based, condom-friendly lubricant with a natural formula stimulation for the first time, the hygiene seal has to be removed from the top. Once this has been done, the couple can then squeeze the product out for use with only one hand, which is down to the practical top, and apply directly to the penis or clitoris. Thanks to the ingredients such as Menthol, “Ultimate Lube” helps with arousal in only a few seconds by drawing blood to the surface of the skin and providing a long-lasting tingling sensation when in use, that adds to the sensation of sexual intercourse. The lubricating part of the formula provides extra pleasure and reduced chaffing during sex.

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