Subsequent correction of News in Sign Magazine

Dear Costumers,

we profoundly apologize for a wrong information we gave you in our latest issue of Sign Magazine. On page 10 we mixed up the News of Wicked Sensual Care and their distributer. Please note the correct distributer is the Dutch distributer Tonga and not Cobeco Pharma.

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Canoga Park, California, USA – Wicked presents their new selection of lubricants called ”Sensual Care“. With ”Wicked Aqua“, the ”Wicked Aqua Sensitive“, the ”Wicked Aqua Pomegranate“ or ”Wicked Aqua Candy Apple“, the ”Wicked Jelle“, the “Wicked Ultra”, the ”Wicked Ultra Chill“, the ”Wicked Ultra Heat“, the ”Wicked Créme“, the ”Wicked OverTime“ and the ”Wicked Cleene“, Wicked has developed lubrication help to give the consumer a huge choice to fid the right lube for their needs.


For example this collection offers lubrication for sensitive skin or anal sex. The skin friendly formula of their new collection is based on olive leaf extract. Find out more at

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Find out more at
Thank you for your understanding.