Sportsheets Welcomes Kimberly Harding to Family Business as Project Manager

Sportsheets is proud to welcome Kimberly Harding to the team as Project Manager to streamline the company’s product development and oversee trade shows. Harding has played a continual role in the business since its inception twenty years ago but now the company has been able to bring her on in an expanded role. Her presence at the company reinforces Sportsheets’ family-oriented approach to business.

Harding brings a calm and collected demeanor with her to Sportsheets after 15 years as a professional pilot as well as seven years of managerial experience with handling special projects. These valuable characteristics will serve Sportsheets well as she manages the company’s myriad projects and their accompanying research and development processes.

“It’s great to have Kimberly back on the team and I love working hand in hand with her. It brings back fond memories of the early days of Sportsheets®,” Stewart said. “Kimberly helped work trade shows and conventions years ago. Today she offers essential support and it’s wonderful to have her with us again.”

Harding will coordinate trade shows and events while managing research and development, project development and operations. She can be reached at

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