Sportsheets releases new catalog

Sportsheets has released a brand new catalog featuring full-color photography and product updates for the award-winning Sportsheets Premium and Sex&Mischief collections. And in celebration of 20 years of success, Sportsheets has created a dynamic anniversary timeline showcasing the outstanding milestones made during the last two decades of business achievement in a fun, tongue-and-cheek style.

“It’s a real trip to look back on the last two decades and appreciate the major breakthroughs that this industry – and especially our country – have made when it comes to the social acceptance of sex,” Sportsheets founder and CEO Tom Stewart said. “It’s an honor to have helped play a role in this significant evolution and we hope our friends and colleagues enjoy the unique way we mapped it out on our 20-year timeline!”

With more than 100 products, Sportsheets has expanded its range to include updated sexual positioning tools, restraints and all-in-one couples kits for those interested in BDSM play. One stand-out item is the new Expandable Spreader Bar, a lightweight aluminum bar featuring nickel-free metal D-rings with a spring-locking expander for safe and easy assembly.

“It’s an exciting time of year with some of our latest and most popular products taking center stage in our new artful catalog, which beautifully represents the sophisticated and affordable luxury Sportsheets® is known for,” Sportsheets President Julie Stewart said. “Our new catalog especially highlights the stylish Sportsheets Premium packaging we recently debuted with gold foil accents, tasteful photography and original erotica on each box. Our customers can clearly see the pride we’ve taken to commemorate and celebrate the memorable and noteworthy events that have helped make Sportsheets the success it is today!”

Get your new Sportsheets catalog and timeline today and enjoy the latest product specials and releases, including merchandising displays and plan-o-grams designed to match the new lux look of Sportsheets Premium!

Be a part of Sportsheets latest milestone at the team’s upcoming 20 Years of Being Ahead of the Curve showcase Sunday, April 7, from 4-6:30 p.m. in the Tropical room at the Rio Hotel & Casino! Attendees will enjoy product giveaways, cocktails and cupcakes while the first to arrive will take home free gift bags filled with prizes worth more than $200. This showcase will kick off the International Lingerie Show April 8-10.

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