Sportsheets featured on Real Housewives of Orange County

18.11.2015 | Huntington Beach, California, USA – Sportsheets International has nabbed a mainstream nod from the Real Housewives of Orange County, again. The Bravo show follows the day-to-day exploits of an exclusive circle of Orange County’s most enviable suburban wives. After a visit to a local adult boutique, Sportsheets’ Door Jam Sex Sling became the hottest item on the ladies’ bedroom wish list.

“We are thrilled DoorJam Sex-Sling_V11_UVto see our products making a real difference in the sex lives of couples across the nation,” says Founder Tom Stewart. “Our goal is to craft unique products that not only catch your attention, but actually deliver in creating amazing sex.” For over 20 years, Stewart’s team has been renowned for their dedication to quality and a passion for healthy relationships. “I’m not surprised that the Real Housewives made a beeline for the Door Jam Sex Sling,” remarks Tom. “It’s one of our top-selling items, and couples rave about its versatility.”
Starting with BDSM’s rise to pop culture fame earlier this year, Sportsheets has been on a 2015 media high. The company has skyrocketed into the mainstream with mentions in the January issue of Cosmopolitan [], a New York Times feature on retail boutique Babeland [], and USA Today’s ‘Fifty Shades’ Gift Guide [ ].
“Bettering our sex lives isn’t a new concept, but when the topic gets so much attention from Hollywood, it becomes more acceptable for open discussion from otherwise sexually-private types,” states Colleen Godin, Field Sales and Marketing Associate at Sportsheets. “The women of Real Housewives reflect women everywhere in the way they talk about sex with their girlfriends. It’s great to see the topic of sexual health lose its taboo, which can only result in more satisfying sex lives for everyone,” says Godin.
“With the recent Housewives mention and Thanksgiving around the corner, we’re in full holiday mode in our warehouse and we urge customers to place orders now before the Christmas rush really hits,” states Sales Manager Corrin Brubaker. Contact your sales representative now and make sure you take part in Sportsheets’ rise to mainstream consumer fame. For more information please visit