Sportsheets Debuts two Collections at ANME

09.07.2014 | Huntington Beach, California, USA – Sportsheets is set to debut two brand new product collections at the upcoming ANME Founders Show in sunny Burbank, California, and prepared to set a new precedence in two growing product categories.

Sportsheets Plus will take the spotlight as the industry’s first-ever Plus line of sex toys, positioning tools and strap-ons made for big, beautiful couples while Edge by Sportsheets will leave a lasting impression with the Cadillac of leather BDSM gear.
Sportsheets Plus is comprised of quality sexual positioning devices and strap-on harnesses with added features – longer straps, longer and wider supports and pads, and greater adjustability to assure the perfect, most comfortable fit – designed for sizes 12 to 30. With more than 55% of women purchasing clothing sized 16 or larger and 62% identifying as being overweight, Sportsheets Plus recognizes the necessity to provide sexy, sensual options for every body type and reminds consumers and retailers alike that healthy, satisfying sex has no bounds.
“Sportsheets Plus speaks to the confident and sexually curious consumer who identifies as plus size but refuses to accept the negative attitude that often overshadows larger women – and men, too – as sexual beings,” Sportsheets President Julie Stewart said. “There is a burgeoning resurgence of sex-positive celebrations of all shapes and sizes and Sportsheets Plus embraces and honors it with top-of-the-line designs.”
“Each item was tested by women who wear sizes 20-28 and their feedback was excellent,” Stewart said. “Their essential responses and suggestions played an important role in the production process and there are many more item already in the pipeline as a result.”
The Sportsheets team will showcase Sportsheets Plus and Edge by Sportsheets at the ANME Founders Show July 12-14 with a special event promotion for all qualifying customers.