Solo game fun with Tease & Please’s Yourgasm at SCALA

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06.11.2018 | Wijchen, The Netherlands – Great news for singles or those who like to play solo: Yourgasm, the new one-player game by Tease & Please, is now ready to order at SCALA. Indulge your consumers with this naughty product designed for self-exploration and help them discover new heights of ecstasy today. The new Yourgasmkit by Tease & Please comes in a male and female version, plus the languages English/German and Dutch/French. Each naughty game includes various intimate accessories and 50 cards full of thrilling masturbation challenges, enticing lovers to go on a sexy solo adventure. Tease & Please describes the new Yourgasm game: “Yourgasm helps you to discover what is really pleasurable to you. If you don’t know, how can your partner wk44_pb_SIGN_TeasePlease_Yourgasm_400x300know? Give your sex life a boost and pleasure yourself or be pleasured by your partner, who can make you feel amazing by using the challenges. It is Yourgasm! Curious? Yourgasm is available in two versions: one for women and one for men. Of course, partners can always swap the challenges. The exciting challenges stimulate different areas: breaking barriers of embarrassment, seduction, pleasure, fantasies, discovering new techniques, and erogenous and orgasmic zones that will make your ‘usual climax’ pale…” The Yourgasm Men Only kit contains a masturbation egg, lubricant and 50 challenge cards. The Yourgasm Woman Only kit contains a vibrating toy, lubricant and 50 challenge cards. Packaged in a trendy, luxurious box, Yourgasm will capture the imagination in any in-store or online display.