SKULLS & BONES brings out the inner rebel!


19.11.2018 | Beneden Leeuwen, Netherlands – The world-renowned Shots brand, OUCH! has added an exciting new new line of products to its already extensive assortment!

After multiple successful introductions, OUCH! saw another niche in the market to strengthen the brand even more. The result is a unique BDSM line called SKULLS & BONES! A line that brings the world of fashion and BDSM together in a very powerful way!

The SKULLS & BONES collection consists of a variety of products embellished with either  small metal skulls or impressive metal spikes, as the main element of the design.ouch
Both are unisex and made with high-quality bonded leather for a fantastic finishing touch!

Given the fact that the complete line is intended as unisex, Shots’ vision was to execute this idea with a professional photo-shoot in Los Angeles with top models. The backdrop for the shoot was a motor club, which combined extremely well with the male and female models in all their statement outfits. The results were fantastic and customers can check for them out for themselves on the Shots YouTube Channel.

Giving a perfect impression of what the SKULLS & BONES stand for, these superb pictures were of course used for the creation of a very handy and functional unisex packaging.
The idea was to create something that really promotes and attracts a female as well as a male audience. At first sight, the packaging shows a female model, but on “opening” there is a second packaging showing a male model. That’s two options for the price of one!

This gives the retailer a unique opportunity to showcase the products however they choose, to their own key audiences. And last but not least there is, of course, the icing on the cake of this new and exciting line of products! With every SKULLS & BONES product comes a free gift in the form of a fashionable SKULLS & BONES patch, which can easily be attached to any form of clothing.

SKULLS & BONES has something for everyone and it can be worn and used for a variety of occasions. SKULLS & BONES is definitely an added value to the OUCH! brand and will be a guaranteed market success.For more information about the SKULLS & BONES collection, do not hesitate to contact the team of Shots: /