#SIGN with a new look

Delmenhorst, Germany – All is new for the New Year. Sign Magazine welcomes 2014 with an entire new look. When you’ve called up this article you will already have noticed: we have given the website www.sign-magazine.com a completely new look. The website presents itself with a fresh, fancy and modern look. Clarity is one of the most important factors we have taken in account for the relaunch, as well as a bright and noble looking layout on a white background.


Reworked content and structure
We have also reworked the content and improved the structure and menu navigation. On the website you will be able to enjoy more news from the industry, an exhibition calendar with the most important events of the year, and the chance to check out the advertising possibilities and apply for a subscription for the print version. Of course you will also be able to access the current issues of Sign Europe, and now the online version of the German magazine, all in a new advert mode that loads the pages faster.


New printed appearance
In addition our printed Magazine presents itself with a brand new appearance, starting with the look of the cover to the design of each individual page. A modern but elegant design is what counts, and we placed a great deal of emphasis on it being easy to read and having a clear layout. The new design applies to the European as well as the German issue. Sign Germany and Sign Europe will differ in the colours of their covers.


Same dedication
We hope that you will like the new look of our publications and the website. What did not change is the dedication with which we strive to always keep you up-to-date on the news of the adult industry. Furthermore we are interested in any kind of feedback, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your opinions.