Shower sex explained with Sportsheets

20.04.2015 | Huntington Beach, California, USA – Shower sex is not for everyone.If done incorrectly or certain precautions aren’t taken, one could end up with a broken leg instead of an orgasm. To avoid these problems, the mainstream site gives pleasure and safety advice.

According to writer Vanessa Marin, “Shower sex is pretty damn hot… in theory. But between height differences, soap in the wrong places, and slipping and falling, here’s how to go to town on each other without the frustration.” Marin goes on to cover a number of different aspects of how to effectively have shower sex. The first tip she offers is on safety which is where the endorsement for Sportsheets’ popular line Sex In The Shower comes in.
According to LifeHacker, “Sportsheets has an entire line of products that help you avoid slipping and falling mid-thrust. A single or dual suction locking handle can give each of you some much-needed leverage. You can even try out these suction handcuffs to add a little S&M flavor to your shower adventures! This suction foot rest can give you or your partner a place to prop up one leg. (Incidentally, it also serves as a handy resting place when you’re shaving your legs.) At the very least, put a rubber bath mat on the floor of your shower. The dangers of slipping are real, people.”
“We are thrilled that LifeHacker gave such a glowing review for our Sex In The Shower line of products,” said Sportsheets President Julie Stewart. “Most people recognize Sportsheets as a leader in BDSM and fetish gear which we are very proud of, but since its launch, Sex In The Shower has always been a hot seller for us. To be featured in the Health section of a site with such a huge audience like LifeHacker shows us that this line of products is actually making a difference in people’s lives and that by far is the most gratifying feeling for us.” One can finde the Sex in the Shower line at