Sexy Lingerie from “obsessive”


19.02.2019 | Flensburg, GermanyOrion Wholesale has expanded its assortment: from now on, there are 40 sObsessive_700px_500px_72dpielected pieces of lingerie from the Polish label “obsessive” available at the erotic specialist.

“obsessive” is the lingerie label for women who like showing off their femininity in a stylish, sensual and confident way. The sexy lingerie really stands out because lots of love has gone into detail and the tantalising cuts flatter any woman’s body. There is also a selection of saucy costumes available. Orion Wholesale has a separate size chart for the “obsessive” collection because the lingerie is a bit smaller than usual.

The lingerie is delivered in a high-quality cardboard box that can also be used as a gift box. The cardboard box is covered in an additional slipcase with a detailed image of the respective product, as well as a description of the product in English.