Sexual Wellness, Educational and Merchandise by Rock On

30.06.2014 | Los Angeles, California, USA – The award-winning sexual enhancement brand Rock On is back and already creating a stir with a new marketing position, improved formulas, revamped packaging as well as merchandising and educational tools for retailers. Rock On is paving the way for a revolution in sexual enhancement with the development of a premium sexual vitality supplementation category for the health conscious consumer.

With the tag line “Sexy Is In You, Nourish it”, Rock On’s new focus on overall health and wellness goes beyond the typical benefits of sexual enhancement to nourish the body, mind and spirit. The new men’s and women’s “sexual vitality” formulas now contain electrolytes, essential vitamins, “nutra-boosts” plus even energy lifting ingredients to improve users’ all-around experience so that they can “Rock On” daily!
“We wanted to create a line of sexual enhancement products that speaks to the ever growing health conscience market place, and give the retailers something to feel good about selling,” said Rock On President Keith Caggiano. “By doing this we believe we are pulling in new revenue streams, previously non-existent in adult stores that produces millions in sales to vitamin shops and drug stores.” RockOnVitalityShotPR
At the upcoming ANME show in Burbank Rock On will debut a new promotional package that offers a collection of educational and merchandising tools for retailers to provide to consumers. These items include mini-booklets, POP displays, laminated ingredients cards, posters, stickers, buttons as well as essential information to train staff on the benefits of the line.
“In the past decade we’ve watched the amazing evolution of the adult market towards premium products, a well educated staff and a better informed consumer,” Caggiano said. “Meanwhile the enhancement category continues to build a tarred reputation with spiked products and FDA blacklists. We felt these retailers needed a better option to sell enhancements with integrity.”
Rock On’s range of premium enhancement products takes after the mainstream consumer trend of vitamin and electrolyte-infused products that have exploded onto the marketplace. Currently the market is ripe with everything from water, chewing gum and shot drink varieties all designed to boost performance on a daily basis. “Sex Is A Sport… Don’t Get a Cramp” is part of Rock On’s promotional messaging to encourage consumers to think of the new “Rockin’ Shots” similar to sports drinks.
The new Rock On premium packaging boasts sophistication and quality with a new logo in radiant silver foil on a sleek, solid black background. The Rock On sexual vitality-boosting products includes his and her: 24 count single dose “Pre-Formance” capsules, 12 count Rockin’ Shots and 30 count Daily supplements. To learn more about the Rock On sexual vitality line visit