Screaming O introduces ‘Opium’ Flutter Ring for Pleasure


07.04.2016 | Los Angeles, USA – Screaming O is officially shipping the new Opium cock ring, a modern, couples-centric take on the classic butterfly-style vibe. Opium features a super-stretchy cock ring and flexible “petals” that undulate and caress everywhere they touch for a soft, fluttering sensation designed especially for clitoral stimulation.

Opium is powered by Screaming O’s original Bullet, which sends three speeds plus pulsation throughout the ring and its petals. Made of SEBS, these wing-like extensions are soft and springy enough to transfer vibration, rather than absorb it, and positioned perfectly to embrace the clitoris on both sides. And thanks to a convenient finger loop, users can quickly and easily adjust the petals’ position for optimal results.

“Opium is an exciting hybrid of our now signature versatile vibrating rinOpiumPRg and butterfly-style stimulation that’s been many women’s go-to for decades,” The Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “Now couples can enjoy this fluttering vibration together with the erection-enhancement of a stretchy cock ring. And thanks to its SEBS construction, Opium is super-soft, body-safe, and affordable for couples curious to try a vibrating cock ring for the first time.” For more information about Opium or Screaming O’s full product line, please contact Aumann at