Scala releases new Daring Pure film

21 February 2014 | Almere, The Netherlands – The newest release of Scala’s soft porn brand Daring Pure is all about a summer romance, where almost everyone can relate to. The movie takes the viewer to a place where the summer is in full swing. The passion that these lovers bring is as hot as the burning sun – it’s their ‘First Summer Love’.



Daring Pure offers women friendly films that can be enjoyed alone or together. The Daring Pure production is based on the natural needs of women and men. Scala Playhouse has done research for over a year on what couples want to see in a film. As a result of this Daring Pure shows the true passion between lovers as if they where having sex for the first time all over again.


In a time where there is a great demand for women friendly films, Daring Pure offers a wide range of affordable romantic films. ‘First Summer Love’ is available this March at and more releases will follow soon!