S8’s tightening formulas are now available!

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17.06.2019 | Wijchen, NetherlandsSCALA is thrilled to announce the arrival of 2 new vaginal tightening formulas in the S8 Intimate Care collection. The new Lift Vaginal Creme and Shape Vaginal Gel are a body-safe, natural choice to tighten things up – making them must-haves in any intimate wellness assortment.wk24_pb_SIGN_S8_Tightening_400x300

Each of the new S8 tightening formulas has its own unique appeal. The Lift Vaginal Creme works as an anti-age creme, tightening and nourishing the vaginal area. The Shape Vaginal Gel features a special double-action effect, which rejuvenates and provides instant tightness of her intimate zone. Both are guaranteed to bring more tightness, more sensation, and more pleasure.

Made of body-safe materials and adhering to the highest quality standard, both the Lift and Shape formulas are a reliable, trustworthy choice in intimate care essentials. These affordable products come in a non-intimidating packaging and make great up-sell items with any naughty toy or lingerie purchase. Why only take care of the exterior, when you can give the interior a sensational make-over?

Give your consumers the chance to discover the unique tightening benefits and order your S8 Lift and S8 Shape exclusively at SCALA via www.scala-nl.com today!