Rocks-Off post video reaction to UK TV show


31.05.2016 | Northamptonshire, United Kingdom – Since the popular UK daytime TV show Good Morning featured a vibrator test, there has been a barrage of media attention from the tabloid press and broadsheets with articles appearing in The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Independent and the Guardian. Rocks-Off were thrilled to have two of their products featured. The RO-Duet remote control love egg and Ruby Glow sit on vibrator were well received by the Good Morning vibrator testers, and Rocks-Off have posted their live video reaction. Sales of both products have skyrocketed since their appearance.

In the video, Andrea and Leslie of Rocks-Off watch the show, discuss the products’ ratings, and provide commentary throughout. Andrea, International Sales Manager at Rocks-Off, said: “We couldn’t wait to see how our products were received on Good Morning, and thought a video would be a fun way to present our reactions to the industry.”
Good Morning’s slot on vibrators, which featured popular UK sex and relationships expert Tracey Cox, was in response to Good Housekeeping Magazine’s own vibrator test and announcement that “sex toys are no longer a matter of raised eyebrows”.
Click here to watch Rocks-Off’s video response.