‘Road Queen’ 2nd to Last Episode with Deauxma

03.12.2015 | Valencia, California, USA – Acclaimed adult star Deuxma returns in her next to last appearance in Girlfriends Films’ iconic older/younger series “Road Queen: Part 34.” Featuring the famed MILF as buxom itinerant club dancer with an eye for young women, the new movie is now available on DVD.

‘Road Queen’ was originally conceived as an anthology series that follows the adventures of a sexy MILF traveling through the Southwest in her ’51 Ford Coupe, seducing younger girls along the way. The series has become iconic thanks to its free-spirited lead character and Deauxma’s own energetic performances, which have touched a chord with adult audiences.
“I had an amazing time making this movie with such a beautiful and sexy cast,” Deauxma said. “I can’t believe there’s one more movie left before my character drives off into the sunset. But until then, I want fans to enjoy this great new movie with me and the gorgeous Jenna Sativa and a supremely talented group of girls!”
“As we get closer to the final volume, it gets harder for me to think about how it’s all coming to an end after so long,” added Deauxma.
The newest edition of the series once again follows the sexy dancer, as she meets beautiful women who are ready to unleash their passions. The movie’s cast includes adult stars Jenna Sativa, Jorden Kennedy, Valentina Nappi, Luna Star, Jelena Jensen, and Mercedes Carrera in four passionate scenes of lesbian sex.
Dan O’Connell,poster the series’ creator, stated, “For months I’ve been very aware that the ‘Road Queen’ series is coming to an end, with the next and final episode, number 35, scheduled for release in early January. I’ve never been so emotionally involved with a movie series as I am with this one.”
“I look at the cover of number 34 and get very nostalgic when I see Deauxma and Jenna Sativa,” explained O’Connell. “I like Jenna a lot and am happy that she appears on the cover with the Road Queen herself. At least as we have it planned at this point in time, the next and final cover will be a special one that I’ve had in my head for some time. It will consist of just Deauxma and the car, so Jenna will be the last person other than Deauxma to be featured on a ‘Road Queen’ cover.”
“A lot of our fans are guessing at just how the series will end… what will happen to Deauxma and the car? Early on, I received many suggestions to simply have her drive off into the sunset. That wouldn’t really honor the lady she is, both in real life as well the character in the series. She is just a very special person who is perpetually happy, full of goodness and kindness. That’s about the extent of what I’ll tell you now in regard to how the whole thing ends.”
It was December 2005 when the first episode of the series was released, starring the then fast-rising star as the sexy itinerant dancer who seduces young women. At the time Deauxma was just a year into her adult film career when she took on the iconic MILF role. With her 36DD breasts and a growing fan base for her enthusiastic performances, she would quickly become a star, thanks in part to her leading role in “Road Queen.”
“This series has been a great showcase for what Girlfriends Films is all about,” said Girlfriends Films President Moose. “High quality productions, outstanding performances, and Deauxma’s engaging personality and sex appeal have been at the heart of the series and its success. We truly can’t thank her enough for her great talent and work in ‘Road Queen.’” For more, Girlfriends Films is online at www.GirlfriendsFilms.com.