Revolution on the rubber market


19.10.2018 | Lubliniec, Poland Ledapol, the polish specialist for erotic clothing, once again successfully participated in the eroFame fair in Hanover this year and presented their new innovative collection.

The clothes consist of the special Datex fabric, for which Ledapol was already awarded in 2013 with the „Innovation of the Year”. This particular material is elastic knitted fabric coated with natural latex, which is used in clothing production. Thanks to the ingenuity of the owner, the company recently created a brand new materials – printed latex and datex – which surprised the regular contractors and interested other suppliers and manufacutreres of latex clothing.datex

After the stabilization of Datex’s strong position on the market, the owner of Ledapol decided to go a step further and using currently available technological solutions he has implemented another two completely innovative clothing materials. The invented production process is using natural latex to print various textures and patters while maintaining the incredible flexibility and extensibility of the design. The possibility of creating unique patterns and colors in a simple way is limited only by the designer’s imagination. What should be also emphasized is the fact that the resulting products are 3 dimensional.

Thus, printed datex is a higlhy elastic knitted fabric with a printed latex pattern. Whereas printed latex is lined without using any other fabric. It is dedicated to the people who enjoy the touch of the latex on bare skin.   Additional advantages of this innovative technology, beyond the unlimited possibilities of design with spatial 3D texture and felxibility, are utility values: very high permability which reduces the effect of sweating, no vacuum effect and freedom in putting on tight clothing.

The revolutionary printed collection presented during Erofame encountered very positive response. This can be confirmed by the words „ I have not seen anything like this yet”, „this is a revolution in creating clothes”. However, the words directed to the owner „ Do you know what you just invented?” and strong handshake of the fashion designer was the cherry on top.

The first designs from the new colletion are now on sale and can be found on the website