PLAY has a new look & feel

29.01.2015 | Almere, The Netherlands – PLAY magazine, the monthly publication by Scala Playhouse, has received a bit of a make-over. The magazine now offers more information, more interviews and more personality.

At the end of wk05_PLAY-logo_400x3002014 the team at Scala Playhouse made a firm New Year’s resolution; they wanted to add more pleasure, more fun and more interesting content to their monthly PLAY magazine. Determined to make this resolution stick, they’ve made quite some editorial and lay-out changes to the January edition themed ‘Hollywood’.
This ‘Hollywood’ issue highlights exciting new products such as the Jimmyjane range and the Impress collection. You can meet the people behind Scala Playhouse in their Proud of our People feature and they even have an erotic story to spice things up. Enjoy the revamped PLAY magazine!