pjur on Primetime TV

30.04.2015 | Wasserbillig, Luxembourg – Effective immediately, pjur can be seen on Primetime TV in ad spots on the well-known German channels Pro7 and Sat1. Online distributor Amorelie is starting a new film campaign for the female target group, which includes a recommendation for pjur Woman.

“We’ve captured the attention of the mainstream modern buyer group through our cinema ad spot with Fifty Shades of Grey, various projects and recommendations from b2c magazines such as Cosmopolitan or Closer. So, we’re thrilled to be shown again in the Amorelie ad at the best broadcasting time”, says Alexander Giebel, founder and Managing Director of the pjur group.
In the past, pjur womanAmorelie has often worked with pjur, and even shown the premium products from the Lux-embourg company on TV. “pjur Woman is one of the best sellers in our shop, which is why we decided to include the product in our ad spot”, explains Philippa Koenig, Director of Brand & Buying of Amorelie.
You can find the ad on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV6VNmsJng4