pjur is a smash hit at AAE in Hong Kong

08.09.2014 | Wasserbillig, Luxembourg / Hong Kong, China – pjur generated a major buzz with its new pjur serums at the Asia Adult Expo (AAE) in Hong Kong. Jordan Weiser, Sales Director pjur Asia, and pjur Partner Evan Sho, from Hong Kong, were pleased to report that the booth drew a huge crowd, and had many productive meetings with customers.


Brand new and optimized pjur tester stations pjur booth gave enthusiastic industry insiders a chance to try out the new products for themselves – with tremendous success: “The pjur serums generated an overwhelmingly positive response, especially the delay products, such as the new pjur superhero Serum. Products from the superhero line fascinated visitors as well,” Jordan explains. “Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are a hot topic in Asia, and many customers are specifically looking for products that are more natural rather than pharmaceuticals.” Because the new serums take effect within just seconds, they are perfect for testing – and they won audiences over at the AAE right away.
The pjur Slat Wall Displays, making their debut in Asia, were another of the highlights at the booth. They are quick to set up, attract attention in the store, and can be combined with each other in any number of ways. “Customers were so intrigued that we were talking or giving a product presentation to visitors almost nonstop,” Jordan says. Well over 70 customers from China, Japan, Singapore, and the Philippines showed an interest in working with the company, and the booth even logged visitors from Brazil, Australia, Russia, and France, who also wanted to see pjur’s quality and German craftsmanship for themselves.
“We are very pleased about Visitors enjoying product presentation this success and the outstanding pjur booth that attracted so many guests. Our appearance at this fair and the promising discussions we had there with retailers who are interested in us and our products are an important step in our push to make pjur available in every country,” says Alexander Giebel, CEO and founder of the pjur group.
To learn more about pjur, visit www.pjur.com.